Welcome to MyMasjidPro. A new in Masjid system paired with an interactive app, which will allow organizations to cut administration work in half and connect with their congregations like never before.

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About MyMasjidPro

MyMasjidPro is the evolution of interaction between Masjids and there congregation. The in Masjid system will allow vistors to donate funds to the cause of there choice and recieve their donation receipt right away. The Masjid will be able to easily monitor donations and keep complete electronic records.

Unique Layout

The unique layout of our in Masjid system will allow those who wish to donate a hassle free experience


All donations made through the MyMasjidPro system will be archieved and protected with the most effective online security features. The payment is secured and processed by Each donation reciept will be tagged with a unique ID number so not to be duplicated

Super Fast

The process to complete a donation will be executed in a matter of minutes. Allowing for speedy service and high volume usage




MyMasjidPro Kiosk and Consumer App will allow Masjids and the congregation to interact in a very fluid and easy manner. Please see below regarding some of our amazing features.

MyMasjidPro-Admin Features.

Unlimited Features-Admin Access

Process Credit Card @ Admin Portal Virtually

The payment is processed by so no credit card details will be stored in MyMasjidPro.

Search Any Transaction

Faster search for previous transactions by customer name, amount, payment date etc

Manual Pledge Form Automation

Pledge forms can be easily automated for onetime payment or monthly

Easy To Update Prayer Time

Admin portal can update prayer times which reflect automatically in the kiosk and the website.

Effective Notification

Masjid activities and prayer time change notification is sent to all individual apps to keep the congragration informated regarding changes to prayer times

MyMasjidPro-Kiosk Features
Technology and Ease-Kiosk

22" HD touch screen for ease of use and visibilty


Is easily mounted on the wall for maximum visibility and usability

Powerd By

Fast and secure payment by

Instant Email Tax Receipt

Instant tax receipts in finger tips

Easy Swipe

Individuals can easily swipe their credit/debit card

Prayer Time Display

Prayer times and Masjid activities are automatically updated which results in the lastest information

MyMasjidPro-Congregation App Features
Superior Interaction-Individual App

Unique individual app for each respective Masjid

Masjid Selection

Individuals can select their local Masjid

Donation Through App

Donations can be submitted through the app with security and ease

Powerd By

Fast and secure payment by

App Displays Prayer Time

Prayer times and Masjid Activities will be updated automatically in the congregation App


App will give the individual ability to set alarms for Salah which will update when times are updated

MyMasjidPro-Donation Receipt and Security.
Instant Email Tax Receipt

Great chances for donation as there is a 40% claim during tax filing

Cashless Handling

As more individuals pay with debit or credit we reduce the risk of handling cash within the Masjid

Admin Search

The search feature for Admin will allow them to promptly handle any disputes

Pledge Form Automation

Pledges are automated at the Admin portal and the tax reciept will be sent automatically


Behind The Story

MyMasjidPro was developed with the help of few individuals with different professional backgrounds, but with one thing in common which is to provide the Masjid goer with a system and app that will be easy to use and keep them informed


MyMasjidPro is offering a promotional introductory price for the first 50 Masjids to register with us. Thereafter we will be offering promotional features to those that signed up.

With Rental
Rent The Kiosk

$135/month + Tax

  • Kiosk App
  • Congregation App
  • 24/7 Support
  • Full Admin Access
  • Lower Transaction fee
  • Visa, Master, Interac, ApplePay and GooglePay Supported
  • Swipe, Tap and Chip Card Terminal included
  • Add 45$ for Each Additional Kiosk
  • OneTime Setup Fee + Tax
Contact Sales
Buy Kiosk
Own The Kiosk

$90/month + Tax

  • Kiosk App
  • Congregation App
  • 24/7 Support
  • Full Admin Access
  • Lower Transaction fee
  • Visa, Master, Interac, ApplePay and GooglePay Supported
  • Swipe, Tap and Chip Card Terminal included
  • Contact Sales To Buy Kiosk
  • OneTime Setup Fee + Tax
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Get It Now

MyMasjidPro will be available on the Kiosk as an andriod app, however the congregation app is available on both the Apple Store and the Google Store. So ask your congregation to download it right away so they can stay up to date.


You're probably wondering how is this system so easy to use and how can it help me

  • Why this service is so awesome?
    It will be a one stop app for all Masjids and their attendees. They will be able to easily make donations and recieve their donation receipts
  • Where will personal information stored?
    Only your name and email address will be kept in the Masjid computer mainframe as we are using the as third party. All banking details will not be stored, its like going to the grocery store and purchasing with your debit or credit card
  • How long will it take to for donation receipts to be delivered?
    Once the donation is made and as long as all personal informatoin is entered correctly the reciept should be in your inbox momentarily
  • Will I need to create a user ID and password?
    Yes, for security purposes individuals with administratve access will need to create an account. But dont worry we are here to help!

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